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        To provide customers with systematic
        and intelligent water treatment solutions
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        About us

        Shaanxi Ande Technology Industry Co., Ltd.

        Shaanxi Ande Technology Industrial Co., Ltd., located in Xi 'an, the starting point of the national "One Belt And One Road Economic Belt", was established in February 2002 with a registered capital of 53 million RMB and successfully listed on December 29, 2015 (stock code: 834942). On August 15, 2017, it completed the development strategy agreement with Henan Qingshuiyuan Technology Co.,Ltd. (stock code: 300437) and became its wholly-owned subsidiary.

        Ande technology is fully committed to the research of water quality improvement technology, the design of system solutions, and the production, installation and commissioning of water treatment equipment. The scope of the project involves industrial water treatment project, municipal tap water project, safe direct drinking water project, domestic sewage, industrial sewage, municipal sewage treatment project, seawater desalination project, etc.


        Shaanxi Ande Technology Industrial Co., Ltd

        The company adheres to the customer demand as the guidance, and makes full use of the accumulated technical experience, research and development advantages and customer resources in the field of water treatment and oil field auxiliaries to achieve coordinated and steady development.Adhere to independent research and development, according to the needs of customers to develop new technology, new products, to meet the needs of various industries, such as water stabilizer, oil field additives and other environmental protection industrial additives suppliers and comprehensive water treatment solutions service providers.

        In terms of operation and maintenance, we have a professional technical service team with rich experience in water treatment engineering design, construction, operation and maintenance.Rigor enterprise culture, standard operation and maintenance process, standardized operation procedures, skilled operation skills, complete emergency plan, strict management system, rich field experience can ensure excellent operation and maintenance effect.

        The company's leading technology, product performance in the world has a strong competitiveness.We have participated in the formulation of 17 national standards and 40 industrial standards. We have independently researched and developed 15 national patented water treatment chemicals and water treatment processes.

        Under the encouragement of national One Belt And One Road and going abroad policy, our company actively develops overseas market, and our products are exported to many countries and regions.The company welcomes friends from all walks of life sincere cooperation!