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        To provide customers with systematic
        and intelligent water treatment solutions
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        The Chairman Delivered A Speech

        Chairman's speech

        With the development of industry in China, the demand for water stabilizer, oil field auxiliaries and other industrial auxiliaries is increasing. Shaanxi Ande Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. Ande technology adhering to the "pragmatic, innovative, efficient" business philosophy, to rule the enterprise by virtue, harmony is expensive, people-oriented business philosophy; Adhere to the customer demand as the guide, make full use of the company in the field of water treatment and oil auxiliaries accumulated experience, quality service for customers, solve customers in the production process problems, to ensure the normal operation of production. "Constant walk far, thinking often new", perseverance, efforts and progress is the foundation of Ande technology; Research and development, innovation is the source of the development of ANDE technology; It is Ande's responsibility to continuously meet the needs of industrial development. We sincerely hope that friends from all walks of life and Ande technology work together to shoulder the responsibility of protecting the blue sky, green mountains and clear water.