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        To provide customers with systematic
        and intelligent water treatment solutions
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        Job title
        Duty station
        Release Date
        Water Treatment Technician

          Job Responsibilities:

          As the technical service department of the company, the technical department is mainly responsible for solving various technical problems existing in the daily operation of the water treatment system of the customer company.

          1. Deliver goods between the company and the customer company.

          2. Responsible for the payment settlement between the company and the customer company.

          3. Responsible for the daily maintenance of the water treatment system of the customer side according to the after-sale service process of the technical department.

          4. Assisted the sales department to prepare the technical documents needed for the development of new projects.

          5. Assisted the sales department to complete the technical agreement required for signing the new contract.

          6. Responsible for pharmaceutical sales of new projects of the client company.

          7. Maintained the relationship between the company and the customer company, and paid regular telephone visits.

          8. Perform other affairs assigned by leaders.

          Recruitment Department: Technology Department

          Job Requirements:

          1. conditions

          Educational background -- Bachelor degree or above;

          Major Requirements -- Chemistry related major;

          Work experience - at least 1 year working experience in the same position;

          Knowledge requirements -- proficient in water quality analysis experiments, familiar with the operation mode of large-scale power plants and chemical plants;

          Computer skills -- Proficient in office automation system, proficient in using Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other software to make forms or reports;

          2. The ability to

          Teamwork ability: as a team member, can cooperate with different departments and different levels of people to achieve the set goals;

          Communication skills: can actively communicate well with people at different levels in various departments and distribution departments, effectively transfer and receive information. Innovation ability: can choose the most suitable new plans and plans in line with the international development trend according to the current situation of the company.

          Good adaptability: can adjust to change in time.

          If interested, please call 029-82480585-807 Contact: Ms. Huang

        Water Treatment Technician - Front Desk

          Job Responsibilities:

          1. Always stick to the front desk, abide by the company's rules and regulations, do your own work, do not leave at will.

          2. Responsible for the daily reception of visitors (including booking rooms and meals) and registration work, should be decent, polite to others. Xie decided miscellaneous personnel, sales personnel into the company.

          3. Standard mandarin, timely and accurate to answer and transfer calls, polite cordial, concise and clear.

          4. Responsible for company documents processing, printing, photocopying, fax sending and receiving.

          5. Be responsible for signing labor contract and keeping with employees on behalf of the company.

          6. Supervise the attendance of employees and the flow of working hours, and register the time, place and reason of going out.

          7. Responsible for the cleaning of the front desk area and general manager's office.

          8. Responsible for booking airline tickets and train tickets for company leaders.

          9. Responsible for the management and ordering of invoice.

          10. Responsible for all kinds of letters, parcels, express delivery, newspapers and magazines signing and distribution work.

          11. Responsible for sending and receiving office supplies, register office supplies in and out warehouse.

          12. Responsible for company safety, every day before work carefully check the doors and Windows, water and electricity, office equipment, etc.; The door should be locked and the power cut off.

          Job Requirements:

          1. College degree or above;

          More than 2 years working experience;

          3. Skilled in office automation and office software such as WordExcelPowerPoint;

          4. Height above 160CM, good image, good temperament;

          5. Strong sense of responsibility and work sense;

          Welfare treatment

          Pay five social insurance and one housing fund double rest 8 hours system with meal allowance and full attendance award

          If interested, please call 029-82480585-807

        Water treatment technician-purchasing specialist

          The implementation of the procurement management system; 

          The preparation of the procurement plan; 

          The review and summary of the procurement application; Communicate with the technical department to determine the technical specifications of unconventional products;

           Collect supplier information; The inquiry of the purchasing commodity market;

           bargain with suppliers; Prepare procurement contracts or agreements.