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        To provide customers with systematic
        and intelligent water treatment solutions
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        Ande technology is listed ceremoniously
        Time:2021-07-07 12:10:52

        Shaanxi Ande Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (securities abbreviation: ANDE science and technology; Securities code: 834942, total equity 43 million yuan) on January 28th, the bell ringing ceremony was held in Beijing National small and medium-sized enterprise share transfer system, relevant personnel of the board of directors attended the ceremony.


        Ande science and technology has developed into a large-scale comprehensive water treatment solution provider in China. It is one of the largest professional research and development, production and service manufacturers of water quality stabilizers and oilfield additives in the country. Its main products include scale inhibitors, dispersant, corrosion inhibitor, sterilization preservative, demulsifier and other environmentally friendly new-type water finishing agent and other high-efficiency water treatment materials, suitable for protective exploitation and oil recovery, petroleum chemicals, new-type surfactant and environmental protection products, widely used in chemical industry, steel, electric power, sewage treatment, tap water, petroleum and other industries. In the share transfer system of small and medium-sized enterprises nationwide, Ande technology is the first enterprise which takes environmentally friendly industrial additives as its main business.



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