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        The company held a summary of work in 2016
        Time:2021-07-07 18:19:22

        31December, 2016, two days of Shaanxi Anderson Technology IndustryCo., Ltd. 2016 work summary and 2017 work plan meeting in the Queen's Hotel on the fourth floor conference room was successfully held.The leadership of the office, the headquarters of all staff, chairman of the water source group Mr. Wang Zhiqing and relevant leaders to attend the meeting.


        Annual meeting began by the company general manager Zhang Yimin speech,He said:In the past year, in the global economic downturn, the company all staff fully carry forward the "integrity, pragmatic, efficient and innovative" spirit of enterprise, Strict grasp "fine, fine, real, high, new" management philosophy, TongxinTongde, bar wind Mu rain, do solid work, and achieved certain results.To this end, on behalf of the company to the majority of employees to express my heartfelt thanks!

        He summed up the achievements and problems of the Company in the past year in terms of "business indicators, strategic development, marketing thinking expansion, perfect financial management, enhanced on-site service awareness, control costs, product development management" and so on.

        Finally, he hoped: "The new year the company in the clear water source group chairman of the wise decision, under the scientific leadership of Zhao Weidong, general manager, all staff closely around the 2017 goals, work together, Difficult to come on

        Remember that "people, and, force, win" four words, so that everything has a goal, there are plans, there are checks, there are supervision, there are summary. Convinced that the wishes and goals of 2017 will be realized!

        The second agenda of the conference commends the awarding of outstanding departments and individuals.


        The third agenda of the General Assembly signed the target letter of responsibility


        Mr. Zhang Yimin on behalf of Anderson Technology and Changchun Office, Inner Mongolia Office, Gansu Office, Guizhou Office, Chongqing Office signed the work of the responsibility letter in 2017.

        The last one of the conference: Mr. Wang Zhiqing, Chairman of the Group Company Speech:"He highly affirmed the effectiveness of corporate leadership in 2016, highly praised the company for making the right decisions in difficult times.The new year he hoped that all employees under the guidance of General Manager Zhang Yimin to overcome difficulties, sincere cooperation to complete the task objectives.Sincerely wish all the staff and their families happy New Year, good health, family happiness, happy life! "

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