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        Circulating water hanging plate experiment
        Time:2021-07-08 10:09:39
        Article release:Admin
        Original author:Unknown

        Circulating water hanging plate experiment

        A, the standard corrosion test piece Ⅰ type (50mm×25mm×2mm) preservation, use method:

        1, the standard corrosion sample in distilled water with degreasing scrub again, and then rinse with distilled water for 15 seconds;

        2, the standard corrosion test piece in the chemical pure anhydrous ethanol (50ml/ 10 pieces) with absorbent cotton scrubbing twice;

        3. Standard corrosion samples are placed on dry filter paper and dried by cold air;

        4, the standard corrosion sample with filter paper wrapped, placed in the dryer, 24 hours after weighing ready to use.

        5, the original package of the test piece placed in the place of non-corrosive gas, moisture-proof storage;

        6. The unsealed and unused standard corrosion samples are still placed in anti-rust paper and placed in the dryer.

        7, the mounting position of the hanging device can be determined according to the test purpose. Priority should be given to sites with the most severe corrosion and representative dissolved oxygen content.

        8. Attention should be paid to the suspension direction of the sample in the system, so that the corrosion products will not be scattered on the adjacent sample.

        9. The hanging position of the sample should be relatively fixed, and each sample in the same part should be under the same environmental conditions.

        10, during the installation process, do not allow to touch the hung sample with hands or other dirty objects.

        II. Treatment of new hanging pieces (standard hanging pieces of sealed packaging)

        1. The new hanging piece is immersed in anhydrous ethanol and swabbed twice with absorbent cotton;

        2. Then it was soaked in clean anhydrous ethanol for a while.

        3. Put it on a clean filter paper and dry it with cold air.

        4. Wad it with filter paper, put it in a dryer, weigh it for use after 24 hours (weigh it accurately to 0.1g).

        Three, hanging piece hanging position

        This is mainly to monitor the corrosion of each pipe in the circulating water system, so the hanging piece can be hung near the outlet of the cooling tower water pipe (Note:

        Choose a place where the flow is smooth). Should choose nylon rope or cotton thread as the hanging line, can not use iron wire and other metal material to replace.

        Four, after using the processing of hanging piece

        1. Take out the hanging piece carefully after use, observe and record the surface condition before processing;

        2. Not obvious on the corrosion deposition, using a drawing eraser, make it show metal color, and then immersed in anhydrous ethanol using absorbent cotton swab twice, then into a pure anhydrous ethanol soak for a minute, remove and clean filter paper, the cold wind blow dry, wrapped in filter, dryer, 24 hours after weighing, weighing accurate to 0.1 g), it is concluded that weightlessness, Calculation of corrosion rate;