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        On-line cleaning and off-line cleaning technology details
        Time:2021-07-08 10:10:53
        Article release:Admin
        Original author:Unknown

        On-line cleaning and off-line cleaning technology details

        Chemical equipment cleaning includes online cleaning and offline cleaning.

        Online cleaning: use the cooling water tower in the circulating water system as a dosing box to add dosing to the system and carry out natural circulation. Advantages: the equipment does not need to stop, does not affect the normal production and use. Disadvantages: cleaning effect relative to off-line cleaning is not very good. The cleaning time is long, and the corrosion of the equipment is great.

        Offline cleaning can be divided into physical cleaning and chemical cleaning.

        Physical cleaning: use high pressure water to clean the equipment. High pressure cleaning equipment is required.

        Chemical cleaning: the heat exchanger is taken out separately, the inlet and outlet pipeline of circulating water is connected to the cleaning car, and the cycle is carried out. Advantages: reduce the amount of medicine, good cleaning effect. Disadvantages: need the corresponding equipment, such as cleaning the car or cleaning water tank, high pressure pump, various specifications of the connection valve, welding equipment, etc